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Wholesale General Merchandise

General merchandise accounts for about a third of dollar store sales, so it's important to know where to go to get top-selling items at a discount. Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, and we know what sells. We can even put together merchandise kits for new store owners that include a good selection of general merchandise that will appeal to every kind of customer.
Vitamins and other health-oriented consumables are hot right now. People are paying more attention to health and beauty than ever before. Prominently displayed health items, from exercise tools to diet bars, will be a great way to attract repeat business. Everyone wants to look and feel better, and your store can be an affordable product supplier to the community.
Some customers come in to see "what grabs them," while others will enter the store looking for a specific item. Even if you have a customer who just wants one thing, you can still let them know you have gift tags, housewares, even sporting goods. They'll know to return to your shop the next time they need a bargain.
Most first-time visitors to a dollar store are surprise by the selection. If you have a client buying baby accessories, let them know you have picture books. If you have a client buying kitchenware, let them know that you have kitchen towels and egg timers. If you have clients looking for school supplies, tell them you have padlocks as well. Every purchase is an opportunity to "upsell," especially if you have a solid stock of general merchandise.

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