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Wholesale Dollar Store Distributors

Choosing a distributor wisely is essential to the success of your dollar store. Some important factors to consider are the quality of the merchandise they supply, the variety of merchandise they offer, and their reliability and standard of service. These three factors, combined with their pricing, are the best measure of dollar store distributors.
Of course, these factors are all interrelated. At Dollar Store Merchandise, we eliminate intermediaries and supply products directly from import to your store. That means that we can keep our prices low, which in turn means that you can get a higher quality of product for your money.
We have 56 categories of merchandise and carry more than 74,000 different items. The widest possible variety of merchandise is essential for dollar stores, so it makes sense to choose a distributor with a huge assortment of offerings. Why waste time and money buying from many different distributors to get the variety you need?
We serve more than 8,500 dollar stores in the United States and abroad and are considered to be the most reliable distributor in the business. Our service is exceptional, too. If you are opening a new store, we can advise you at every step in the process. If you are converting another type of retail store to a dollar store, we can help you decide what items you need to stock and what changes you'll need to make. And of course, once you're established, we can continue to supply all your needs.


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