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Dollar Store Buildout

Labor / Training / Setup / is a “Complete Buildout” of the Dollar Store and is a TURNKEY SOLUTION that includes:

+ ALL LABOR – We send all workers and crews necessary according to the store size.

+ ONSITE training with our Crew Captain
(all our Crew Captains are Dollar Store Owners and have vast experience in the industry)

+ ALL TRAVEL expenses and accommodations are included.

+ ALL rentals of materials, equipment and extra workers if necessary are included.

+ SLATWALL PANEL assembly and wall mounting with leveling
(slat wall boards are “cut to fit” in all necessary areas i.e. electrical outlets).

+ ALL Counters assembly (including checkout stands)

+ CASH STAND mounting.

+ ALL RACKS + displays mounting (i.e. Cosmetics, Balloons, Jewelry displays, etc.)

+ Mounting of all Hooks on walls

+ Mounting of all End Units, End Caps, and Frames.

+ Special Mounting and assembly of Book Shelves, Glassware, Picture Frames, Gift Items that require special setup.

+ Fences Mount

+ Basket Bins Mount

+ Security Mirrors Mount


Merchandise Set up includes:

+ Organization of products by category.

+ Classification in Storage Area.

+ LABOR and PRODUCT PLACEMENT of ALL Merchandise and categories in the store.

+ Customized work and product placement for Balloons displays, Spinner racks, Cosmetics Racks, Stickers and Magnet displays, etc.

+ Products are setup INDIVIDUALLY in a way that customers will walk through your dollar store and purchase as many items as possible !

By following a demographic report and breakdown, our crews use a schematic listing that we prepare carefully so we know exactly how and where specific products must be placed on shelves, slatwalls and displays to catch the eye of every customer that enters the store.

In Summary, Our Crews setup your store COMPLETELY from beginning to end and TRAINING is done ON-SITE.

The amounts shown above are if you wish Buckstore Inc. to complete your entire store with our labor, fixtures, signs, etc. You may also choose a "Do it yourself " option if you want to save money and do your own labor or if you already have some of the items mentioned above which you don't need and want to eliminate. Either way our staff will assist you in your complete setup.


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