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Export Dollar Store Merchandise

Choosing the right USA Exporter of Dollar Store General Merchandise is key to being profitable as an importer or USA buyer. Obviously Quality as well as reliable sources are key things to consider for the right type of merchandise, variety, and top customer service. These four factors, combined with wholesale discount export pricing, are the efficient way to rank a dollar store exporter. These and more issues are all connected.
At BuckStore Inc. Export, we do not use middlemen and we ship items from the warehouse to your country or location. We have the lowest prices in the industry, which makes our customers get a better value for their investment.
There are over 50 product categories of wholesale merchandise and over 76,000 different SKU’s. The largest variety of merchandise is necessary for Wholesale Importers to survive, so its obvious that you must select a exporter with a large inventory. There is no need to spend extra work in buying from different export suppliers, we have everything under one roof.
Domestically, 4,000 dollar stores are supplied in the United States and over 40 countries overseas. We are considered the most complete source in the industry. Our customer service is number one. If you are outside of the USA and opening a new store, we can advise you at every step in the process. If you are converting another type of retail store to a dollar store, we can also help you determine which items you need for inventory and what modifications you'll need to do. And of course, once you're a customer, we will  continue to fulfill all your needs.

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