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 Dollar Store Opening Package
and Accessories

  • Merchandise  

    You can also visit our website . Includes all merchandise and opening inventory needed for your store in all the categories and departments (we will try and fit as much merchandise and the widest variety (small amounts per item of): Baby Items + Pet Items, Aroma+Fragance, Balloons + Accessories, Children Books, Candles + holders + gift items, Cell Phones Accessories, Consumables, Cosmetics+Displays, General Merchandise, Gift Bags + Stationery, Silk Flowers+Displays, Greeting Card Program + Racks, Jewelry+Hair Access+Racks, Kitchenware Program, General Linen + decorative linen, Party Items+displays+accessories, Seasonal Items - all Holidays, Sun & Reading Glasses, Toys&Complete Category,  Novelties-Nick Nacks-Accessories, Clothing- socks- underwear, Stickers + Magnets + Display Racks, Prepaid Phone Cards All Candy + Candy Program, Snacks, Cleaning items, Health and Beauty, Paper Products, Pharmaceuticals, Disposables Beauty Aids, Household Chemicals, and Soaps.


  • ALL Fixtures & Equipment (BRAND NEW)

    Prices for the fixtures and equipment necessary to ideally fill the space may vary due to the dimensions (width and length) of the store. Some end cap (corner) stores have large windowed area running along one of the sides; some older locations have supporting bars or other obstructions in the selling area. In any case, Buckstore, Inc. can prepare a detailed layout for you to illustrate the best way to maximize your selling area.
    To insure the maximum success of your business, your store must be designed to make the best use of your available space. Once our store deign team receives your exact store dimensions, they will carefully layout your store with the appropriate store fixtures, taking into account maximum functionality and aesthetic appearance. Buckstore customers get the fixtures at cost price, directly from the manufacturer. When available, high quality pre-owned fixtures are also available at lower prices.

    This includes the Complete Fixtures package needed for you store: Gondola Shelving and Sections - varying sizes. Slatwall Hooks-varying sizes. Pegboard Hooks- varying sizes. Slatwall Panels 4’ x 8’ Mel.  Hand Basket Sets with stand.  Small Slatwall Baskets. Large Slatwall Baskets. New Shopping Carts. (store name in handle)-varying sizes Shelf Fencing Fronts- varying sizes. Shelf Dividers- varying sizes. Endless Baskets. 4’ and 3’ for Attachment to Gondola  Wire Dump Bins. Triangle Grid Displays with Hooks. Security domes. Balloon base cabinet with Adj. Shelves.-based on store size. Custom and modular counters.


  • Complete Surveillance System

    Store Security Surveillance System
    For Buckstore's, we provide everything you need to run a professional CCTV Security Surveillance System for your store at an incredible price (including installation when our crew is building your store).
    Easy to operate, our Security Equipment is composed of top quality cameras, DVMRs and accessories. One full year warranty and customer support 24/7. 4 Full Color Cameras, New State of the Art Standalone MPEG4 DVMR-4/120fps System.

  • Store Opening Accessories Package
     (Uniforms, Flyers, Business Cards,Indoor Signs, etc.)


  • Complete Indoor Signage

    Indoor signs help customers navigate themselves around the store. We can provide professionally customized logos for a small additional fee.


  • Point Of Sale System

    Point of Sale System (POS): In today's world of advanced technology it is now possible for the average person to take advantage of this great tool at affordable pricing. Storeowners are now capable of taking the guesswork out of the ordering process and having up to the second inventory control. Buckstore, Inc. has formed an affiliation and commissioned a pioneering company in this field to create software and databases to meet the specific demands of the dollar store retailer.


  • Store Assembly/Training

    The amounts shown above are if you wish Buckstore Inc. to complete your entire store with our labor, fixtures, signs, etc. You may also choose a "Do it yourself " option if you want to save money and do your own labor or if you already have some of the items mentioned above which you don't need and want to eliminate. Either way our staff will assist you in your complete setup.

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