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Dollar Store Franchise vs. Your Own Dollar Store

Due to the increasing popularity of the dollar store business there has been an ever increasing number of new entrepreneurs interested in starting up their own dollar store. Various dollar store franchise companies have recently come into the market trying to capitalize on this growing phenomenon.


Buckstore, Inc. does not offer franchises. No franchise fees or royalties. Our goal is to provide the best options at the lowest prices, and the Store is yours 100% and you can purchase merchandise from anyone you want anytime.

Own a Profitable Dollar Store Business

Unlike some franchises, which offer a lot of advantages to the franchisee, the dollar store franchise companies are basically set up companies. They put up stores, provide a list of suppliers and leave their franchisees pretty much on their own. Dollar store franchise companies charge franchise fees and royalties without providing advertising campaigns, name recognition and quality standards like other franchise companies.


Perhaps the biggest problem facing dollar store franchises is the royalties that they must pay on items sold. The Royalty fees (usually ranging from 3% to 6%) restrict franchisees from buying higher priced, popular items. This can have the effect of lowering the quality of the merchandise in these stores and making them inferior to the non franchised stores.

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