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Dollar Store Setup in England as POUND MART

Mr. Raja came with his partner to visit from the UK and Buckstore Inc spent 1 day with them going through everything step by step for their dollar store setup. Their location is in London itself and will be the beginning of a chain called POUND MART, 1st location will be 5241 sq. ft. and layouts have been finished for the first fixture shipment to England. Merchandise will be received in both MIAMI and NEW YORK as they have 2 freight forwarders.

The setup crew will be going to England as soon as everything is exported and arrives in the UK. This will be Buckstore Inc first dollar store in England and will have products sold at 1 Pound. Dollar Stores are a concept that I believe will pick up in Europe as the Euro and British pound keep making new highs versus the US Dollar.

The dollar store concept in Europe will be picking up in the years to come also as the all one price concept has proved to be very successful in its initial cases. One very important factor is the amount of dollar store merchandise that these European store can stock themselves with from the USA as shown on and when they came to visit us. We selected their items from the showroom according to the products we thought suitable and they agreed on for the European market as obviously tastes differ and consumer habits are very different as compared to the US Consumer. Many Dollar Store Toys were selected as well as School supplies for the dollar store setup of POUND MART in the UK. The location will be in the city of Woolwich which is in London itself and we hope to be able to send our full crew to do the setup of the store on site. Dollar Store setups in the UK are similar to the USA except for the extra expenses due to the currency exchange. A supervisor will be sent with one worker and the rest of the crew will be hired locally. As soon as store is reaching completion, we will post the pictures on the website. Also and on another note, Dollar Star USA in Orlando has opened to the public today with record attendance for a store that size built by Buckstore Inc. The 2nd day of opening will be tomorrow Saturday and pictures will be taken for posting on both websites. This will be the beginning of many more stores to be setup by Buckstore Inc in the Orlando area as there are several Brazilian investors very interested and related to the owner.

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