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Wholesale Dollar Store Supplies

Wholesale dollar store supplies range from cooking tools to automotive maintenance equipment. Customers come to dollar stores expecting to find a good selection of nearly all the items they may need in a day. They want to find health and beauty aids, school supplies, and even food. They look for gift items, sporting goods, candles, music, and sewing notions.
Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we can help you keep your store stocked with the items that will help you win repeat business. From padlocks and tools to jewelry and religious items, we can supply you with top items that will help your store stand out from the competition. We can even help you display your inventory in an attractive, appealing manner.
Auto accessories are a great example of what people won't leave the house on a specific errand to buy, but which make great impulse purchases. Keeping auto accessories near the register and prominently displayed is one way to raise revenue. Everyone needs sunshades, steering wheel covers and other auto accessories, and you can remind your customers that it pays to come to your store first.
We help clients get started in the business and we can also help choose names and design logos. Once you're ready to open your dollar store, we will ship your products across the nation. Successful dollar store owners know that we are a rich resource for hot inventory and business support, and we are helping to build the dollar store industry.

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