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Advertising and Promoting your dollar store

At Buckstore Inc we can assist you with advertising ideas for your dollar store or discount store. Dollar Store advertising should not involve spending large sums of money as there are many ways of promoting your location without spending those unnecessary dollars that could be used to make the store look better and to buy more merchandise that will be attractive to customers.


The main objective is that customers tell their friends and family about your store. Word of mouth is they key factor in getting people into the store. When our crews assist with a store buildout, we offer a store opening package special which includes arriving to a location with customized banners, flyers, business cards, store polo shirts, and we also train the store owner and how to improve on dollar store advertising in the local town. Local City Halls are another great organization to approach as their job is to promote business in the town using your taxpayer dollars.

Promote your Dollar Store Business


City Halls usually print a weekly or monthly community newspaper and they can advertise your dollar store for free and even assist in grand openings by taking over to your location the local city officials including the Mayor of the town so he does the famous “Grand Opening and the cutting of the Ribbon”. If a dollar amount has been budgeted for advertising, we always suggest to start with local newspaper print ads with coupons, radio advertising, and finally TV advertising if the advertising budget is “plentiful”.

See below attached a Radio advertisement that was launched by a store that we helped open in New York so you have an idea of what a good and short radio spot sounds like, "Pali Dollar Store Mixdown".

Also, feel free to contact our staff at anytime to talk about advertising ideas for your dollar store or discount store. We have helped many stores open throughout the years and many strategies have been tested in large town and small town USA and with our vast experience we can help you get the most “bang for your buck”. Don’t let Dollar Store advertising get in the way as an expensive alternative, there are several inexpensive and even free ways to advertise your store in the community !

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