Wholesale Hair Accessories

Girls, teenagers and women love to stock up on hair accessories, and you can order a great selection of wholesale hair accessories from Dollar Store Merchandise. This is one area where people love to buy every item that appeals to them, rather than just choosing one or two. This means that if you stock modern, attractive hair accessories, you can stand to make a solid profit.

Since most dollar store customers are women and teenage girls, these accessories can attract business into the store. You can place them next to cosmetics and health and beauty items to increase the sales of every purchase. You can also display them close to the register, so that your clients can browse while they are waiting to pay.

Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we supply dollar stores with barrettes, jumbo hair clips, ponytail holders, brushes, and hair bands. We also offer trendy items, such as sparkling bobby pins, heart bobby pins, and multi-color hair bands. We carry conservative as well as more “modern” looks to appeal to women of all ages.

Hair accessories can cost between five and 10 dollars apiece in standard retail shops, so if you can offer them to customers at a fraction of the cost, you can save your customers a great deal of money. This results in a loyal clientele that will return regularly to your shop for all of their health and beauty needs. Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we carry everything a woman needs to style her hair, from combs and rollers to the latest in decorative clips–and you can, too.

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