Wholesale Gift Bags

Wholesale gift bags are among the smartest items you can stock in a dollar store. If you see a client buying a gift, recommend a gift bag. If you see a client buying a card, a candle, or a music CD, recommend a gift bag. In fact, with every purchase made in November and December, recommend a gift bag! These hot sellers don’t take much shelf space, but they can generate a great deal of revenue.

If you can get customers to come in for gift bags, they will also buy cards, tissue paper, and even add-on gifts! When you see a client buying a gift bag, you can ask about the occasion. If it’s a teenage girl’s birthday, you can recommend a few cosmetics to put into the bag to round out the gift. If it’s a retirement party, how about a few fishing lures?

Every sale is an opportunity to know your customers and to make friends. When you offer items that they respond to, they will be likely to return, knowing that even if they don’t know what to buy, you can make an intelligent recommendation. Repeat business is the backbone of every retail shop, and it only takes a few questions and a friendly smile.

You may choose to not keep all of your gift bags in one place in your store. You may want to place some near baby accessories, some near health and beauty, and some at the register. If you carry party accessories, that is a natural spot for gift items, as is the section containing photo frames, candles, and other gift-type items. A savvy shop owner can even make up a sample gift bag to let customers know just how they can create an attractive, abundant gift for just a few dollars!

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