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Not all wholesale dollar store suppliers are the same. Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we offer our items on a user-friendly website, we assist our clients in choosing the inventory that will work best for them, and we even offer quick-start inventory kits. From sporting goods to health and beauty items–and everything in between–we are a friendly and professional wholesale item supplier.

We don’t just supply dollar stores, we also help to develop them. Do you want assistance opening your own dollar store at cost? We have our own program called BuckStore, Inc. that offers offer sample layouts, new store logos, and projection estimates.

Also join a dollar store merchandise network with over 70 warehouses nationwide for domestic purchases and overseas imports.

Products range from consumable items, toys, kitchenware, housewares, school supplies, party and all the dollar store products that you see in the national chains and in the independent stores.

General merchandise typically includes categories that are imported from overseas, and the consumable items typically include national products including brand names on detergents, cleaners, shampoos, paper products, every day items which people are buying more more every day due to the present the Economic situation. From our conversations every day with dollar store owners, we learned that 2015 and probably 2016 on words will have more of demand in the consumables products division. Customers nowadays are buying only what they need as a necessity and are avoiding the products that are decorative or ceramics and glass for example which don’t have a high rotation as they used to and better economic times.

In order to stay competitive a wholesaler must always be on the lookout for closeouts, and deals for brand-name items which are hot selling products in the dollar store. The chain dollar tree for example now carries over 50% of consumer products and most of them are brand-name items which are highly sought after by customers who do not want to spend more money on supermarkets or chain stores. For example, why pay more than three or four dollars for Heinz ketchup if you can buy it for one dollar at the dollar store, same product, same brand and in a setting where you can also buy other products as closeouts from different categories.

The party wholesale category has also almost doubled in sales in the last few years. As the same case on consumables, customers do not want to spend more money in having a birthday party for example and spending too much money at party city when they can get the same products at the local dollar store including balloons and napkins and have a tremendous party with licensed items which are now available too. Purchasing wholesale does not mean that a customer of the dollar store or dollar store owner must order a huge amount of items as a truckload for example. A pallet load would be OK and considered a wholesale which would include about $1000 of mix products in different categories to cover the weekly purchases up a dollar store.

Dollar store wholesalers are spread out in different cities in the United States and are mainly located in Port cities for example New York and Florida or Los Angeles which is where most Chinese imports arrive the first time they arrive to the USA and then get distributed too different cities spread out through the country. Nowadays, dollar store warehouses not only sell to individuals and mom-and-pop shops but also to the major chains such as dollar tree, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. With online purchases and web connection and Internet websites being modern, a small owner can have access to the same pricing as the major chains. Another advantage is that dollar store suppliers prefer to sell to smaller customers that pay either cash or 30 day net terms versus the large chains which usually ask for credit or free merchandise to promote products and other advertising offers which wholesalers are not very happy with. Make sure to order from a reputable dollar store supply firm by checking the records with the BBB and also from maybe other store owners that have an opinions on the suppliers in order to get the best product not only at the best price but also at a good delivery time and fill rate.

The major corporations such as dollar tree do not operate as a franchise since they would not make any money, they instead act as a corporation and they run their own show with their own employees and their own locations and leases. In order to survive as an individual dollar store owner the best idea is to visit as many regional and national shows as possible where you can meet personally face-to-face with the major suppliers in the industry. Also it is a good idea to buy from wholesalers not distributors as you are breaking one middle man in the chain and get the best pricing as they are the ones who are in direct contact with factories overseas and import directly into their warehouse and then straight to the dollar store industry.

Buying wholesale is the name of the game but cash is needed to make larger and larger purchases to be able to negotiate a better price. In some instances stores get together and purchase together as a community or as a club such as the Chinese and Vietnamese community which typically order large amounts as a tight club and then divide the product amongst themselves and pay the bills amongst themselves too. This permits them to negotiate better prices and order for example by the truckload instead of just by the case or the pallet.

Customers that have seven or more stores typically like to travel directly to China and attend shows overseas to be able and negotiate with the factory directly. In that case you need to order at least a container load which is equivalent to about $40,000 of merchandise at a time and must be prepaid as Chinese suppliers do not give credit. On the national level dollar stores typically cannot buy as if they were in China because factories in the USA of cleaning items, shampoos, healthcare, and other domestic product cannot ship those amounts. Orders must be much larger and in some cases is too much for an individual owner that has about 7 to 10 stores the breakeven point typically in that case to buy nationally and a large amounts would be an individual who owns at least 20 stores or more. The larger the purchase the best price will be attained, but it is not an easy task. Always look out for the best deals by attending tradeshows and you will be an expert very quickly on purchasing wholesale dollar store product and supplies.

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