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When choosing items for your dollar store inventory, you should aim first for the widest possible variety of merchandise. Then take your location and the demographics of your customers into account. This will influence which types of items you might want to stock more of and display more prominently.

At Dollar Store Merchandise, we are experts in knowing what you need to stock. If you are just opening your business, we can not only offer advice, but we also have some start-up deals that will give you the density and variety you need at the best price. We also offer specific groupings, such as our complete cosmetics selection–more than 3,000 items with a floor display and free shipping. And of course, we are your best resource for restocking an established store.

Remember that dollar store sales are driven by impulse purchases. The low price means that customers are more likely to buy something that catches their eye, but isn’t on any list of things they need. Be aware of traffic patterns and be sure to make it easy for shoppers to see everything you have in stock, not just what they came in for.

Store location will also influence what items you’ll carry, and in what proportions. Senior citizens will want different merchandise than middle school students. Carrying a basic stock of groceries will bring in customers in lower-income neighborhoods. In middle-class neighborhoods, convenience is key, so be certain to have adequate parking and staff, so customers can pop in and out quickly.

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