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There are two primary considerations to keep in mind when stocking dollar store merchandise. The first is to have the widest possible variety of items in stock. Successful dollar stores owners know that “the more you have, the more you sell.” You should also be aware of the effect of your location on the demographics of your customers and select your merchandise accordingly.

Impulse buying is key for a dollar store’s success. The low prices, plus a wide selection of goods, make it likely that the average customer will purchase several more items than originally intended. The more items you have on display, the more likely that something will catch a customer’s eye. He may have come in for sandpaper, but when he sees your displays of key rings, flashlights, potato chips and work gloves, you’ve made several more sales.

What’s the tone of your neighborhood? Who lives there, and who passes through every day? If you’re next door to a high school, for instance, you’ll sell more glitter nail polish than lace doilies. The opposite is true if there’s a senior center or retirement home in the area. If you’re near a gym, stock energy bars and power drinks. If you’re near a playground, stock toys and candy.

Dollar Store Merchandise has everything you need to stock your shelves. We’re happy to help if you’re just getting into the business and will advise you honestly about the inventory that will work best for you. Let us help you make your new business a success or increase turnover of merchandise at your established store.

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