Wholesale Decorative Accessories

One of the primary reasons that dollar stores are so incredibly popular is that the low prices encourage impulse buying and make it possible for customers to purchase things they may not actually need. Decorative home accessories comprise a major category of such discretionary purchases, so be sure you have an excellent supply in stock. Candles, ceramics, photo frames and bath accessories are very popular. Household linens, too, are very appealing to the impulse shopper.

Kitchen linens sell well, but only partly because they’re useful. Most people purchase new dish towels, potholders and the like because they are an inexpensive way to perk up a kitchen without extensive redecorating. Kitchen coordinates are particularly good, since they encourage shoppers to buy several more pieces than they might otherwise. Your customer may have only intended to buy a dish towel, but when there are potholders, place mats, chair cushion covers, oven mitts and appliance covers with the same cute pattern, it’s pretty irresistible.

People don’t usually enter a store intending to buy a wall hanging, yet the hangings move very well. At Dollar Store Merchandise, we have an excellent selection that will appeal to all tastes. We have hanging photo frames in lace, damask and tapestry in a variety of colors. We also have religious, patriotic, pet and welcome motifs.

By all means, don’t neglect the holidays! And remember to vary your stock seasonally. Display holly dish towels at Christmas, flower motifs in the spring and nautical designs and primary colors in summer. Remember that decorative accessories are usually things people don’t know they want until they see them.

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