Wholesale Ceramics

The more you have, the more you sell: that’s the dollar store mantra. Ceramics are just the kind of general merchandise that brings people into your store. And depending on your location, there may be specific ceramic items that you should be sure to stock.

If, for instance, you are located next to a hospital or nursing home, be certain to stock a wide variety of vases. The cost of a floral arrangement from a florist is sky high these days, and many people are buying fresh flowers at much more reasonable prices at supermarkets and even convenience stores. Flowers won’t last long without a vase, however, and the institutions don’t want to have to provide them.

Of course you should have a good selection of plain vases in several sizes, shapes and colors. But stocking some specialty and novelty vases is a good idea, too. Containers shaped like baby blocks in pink or blue will jump out at a customer going to visit a new mother. Vases embellished with praying hands or other religious symbols are also likely to be good sellers in such a location. And for men, stock vases in football or other sports shapes.

At Dollar Store Merchandise, we can help you stock your shelves with quality products at excellent prices. Visit our site frequently, as our inventory is constantly changing. You can also call us toll-free at 877-549-5210 to order our catalog.

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