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You could fill your entire dollar store with candles and never exhaust all the possibilities. Candles are almost infinite in their variety. There are jar candles, tapers, columns, pillars, votives and tea warmers. All of these basic shapes come in a variety of colors and scents that increase the possibilities exponentially. And we haven’t even mentioned the amazing range of novelty and shaped candles!

The wonderful thing about stocking candles is that they are constantly being used up. Candles are something that people purchase over and over, even if they choose the same type, color and scent. But people are seldom content1 with one type. They buy different candles for different rooms of the house: aromatherapy candles for the bedroom and bath, tapers for the dining room, pillars for the den. People vary their candle purchases to reflect the seasons, and especially holidays.

Candles are huge sellers during the Christmas and winter holiday season, both as decorations for the purchaser and as gifts. But that’s not the only candle season. Put out a display of candles in pretty pastels in the spring, in bright primary colors for the summer, and in earth tones during the autumn. And of course there will be bunny candles, pia colada candles, and turkey candles as well.

To stock your shelves with birthday candles, Hanukkah candles, Santa candles or any of the other many varieties, come to Dollar Store Merchandise, your online wholesaler. We carry quality merchandise at rock bottom prices, so you can keep your profit margin high.

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