Wholesale Auto Accessories

Dollar stores should be filled with both necessities and luxuries. In terms of necessities, dollar stores should have a good balance of items that are needed frequently, like toothpaste, paper towels, and consumables, as well as items which are needed less frequently, like wholesale auto accessories, light bulbs, stationery, and more.

You’ll find hundreds of wholesale auto accessories available through Dollar Store Merchandise. Our website makes these items easy and convenient to order and to reorder. Here you’ll find funnels, filters, testers, fuses, and gauges. You’ll find unexpected items, like “Hide a Key” products, auto clipboards, and back seat litter organizers. From the whimsical (steering wheel covers) to the utilitarian (voltage testers), you’ll find all the wholesale auto accessories your customers could want or need at Dollar Store Merchandise.

When placing these items in your dollar store, consider your demographics. Are most of your customers male or female? If your customers are very well balanced, you can place auto accessories just about anywhere in your store. If your customers are mainly female, however, you may want to move the auto accessories away from other stereotypically male items, like hardware, and closer to items like housewares, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, and so on.

Your goal is to make these auto accessories noticeable to customers for whom they would ordinarily be invisible. You can’t sell an item if your customers don’t “see” it–even if it’s right in front of their eyes. To view our amazing inventory of auto accessories, visit us regularly at www.DollarStoreMerchandise.com.

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