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Dollar Store Merchandise is famous for supplying thousands of dollar stores with a variety of items for under a dollar. Since these product items cost much less than a single dollar, they can be sold for 99 cents or a buck and still make a terrific profit for the stores’ owners. In addition to our dollar items, we also sell a good deal of stock under 5 dollars.

Within the dollar store community, there exist many variations on the dollar theme. There are 98 cent stores, 99 cent stores, 10 dollar and under stores, and, of course, five dollar and under stores. Like dollar stores, these stores can offer the widest possible variety of goods, or they can specialize in one particular category.

For example, some five dollar and under stores specialize in apparel. Others specialize in gift items. Whether you are looking to stock your store with two or three dollar ceramics, aromatherapy oils, incense burners, and other gift items, or clothing such as t-shirts, kids’ clothing, or lingerie, Dollar Store Merchandise has the perfect items for you.

We can also help you with your store’s opening. Dollar Store Merchandise supplies more than 3,500 dollar stores and other retailers. Our parent company, Buckstore, Inc., is famed for helping myriad dollar stores to open and to thrive. To learn more, call us toll free at 877-549-5210.

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