Stock Under 10 Dollars

Dollar Store Merchandise is known for selling high-caliber inventory items in a range of product categories. Much of our inventory is geared toward dollar stores or 99 cent stores. We sell this inventory for anywhere from 30 to 70 cents per item, so that it can be sold for less than a dollar per item and still turn a tidy profit.

While this inventory makes up much of our business, it does not make up the entirety of our stock. We also sell lots of items–particularly clothing items–intended for sale in “10 Dollar or Less” stores. Our stock of clothing like t-shirts, intimate apparel, and even club wear can be sold for 10 dollars and still earn you an enviable profit. We are constantly updating our stock under 10 dollars, so be sure to check back to our website often.

You can also find plenty of dollar items at Dollar Store Merchandise to supplement your more expensive stock items. For example, if you sell women’s clothing for under 10 dollars, you may want to stock your store with jewelry, underwear, cosmetics, and health and beauty items which cost less than a dollar. A rack of 60 cent jewelry, to be sold for a dollar or more, is a great way to supplement pricier sales.

We are constantly updating our stock of inventory, as well as our website. Visit us often at, or call us toll free to speak to one of our terrific service representatives. Our toll free number is 877-549-5210.

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