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Dollar Store Merchandise sells more than just inexpensive dollar store items. Some of the items we sell are priced so low, they redefine the term “wholesale.” Our savvier customers always make time to visit the Amazing Deals page of our website,

Here, customers can find the best possible deals, including deals on seasonal items, kitchen products, tools, and more. Remarkably, some of these items are priced lower than 40 cents an item. If you have the foresight to buy Halloween items in February, or even Valentine’s Day items in October, you’ll enjoy tremendous wholesale discounts.

Many of the promotional deals we sell through our Amazing Deals page include high volumes of items in a specific category. For instance, we often sell large numbers of kitchen tools, grouped together in a single assortment. These assortments may contain one thousand or even two thousand pieces–everything from spatulas to pizza cutters to meat thermometers–but the price per item is often as low as 50 or 60 cents.

Some of these promotional items even come with a refill program. In other words, you’ll be able to restock the potato mashers before the turkey basters if they happen to sell out first. Flexibility, quality, and value are what Dollar Store Merchandise is all about. To learn more, call us toll free at 877-549-5210.

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