There are many ideas and suggestions to prepare your store for the much anticipated opening. The following ideas will help in your planning and give your ideas on things to do before CREW arrives.


First and foremost you will want to cover your window fronts with some type of covering (butcher paper works well, and is available for little or no cost from most grocery stores), and affix with COMING SOON and your STORE NAME. This will keep passers-by curious, by not being able to see in, which helps to build anticipation and word of mouth advertising for your store. Be sure to check with the landlord and make sure it is okay to cover the windows.


You will want to display wording on their windows, indicating the categories of merchandise that is offered kitchen, toys, health & beauty, etc.). If you are artistically inclined you can paint this on your window (we recommend that you outline the window so the customer can still see in) or you can hire someone to paint it for you. A local sign and banner company can also create the lettering for you by making vinyl adhesive lettering for you. Bright colors prove to be the most effective and visual. Make sure this is okay with the landlord before you do it!


Theme decorations are a must for your store. A lot of personality will go into your store when you decorate for the various holidays or store themes. Depending on the time of year, get different theme decorations and use them to decorate your windows and even throughout the store or storefront. An example would be a bale of hay with pumpkins, fall leaves and mums in the window and outside the door for the fall season. Use a Christmas tree with wrapped gifts under your tree offering “FREE” in-store wrapping for the holidays. These final touches will enable you to open your store with personality and pizzazz!

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