Store Opening Accessories for your store (also included on all Turnkey packages):

We have also included on all packages these accessories which we know you will need the day you open. They include OPEN Signs, Bags for your customers, Pricing gun(s), Indoor Signs, etc. See below more details. Nobody in the dollar store industry gives you a more complete package than we do and at the lowest prices in the nation !!
– Store Uniform Polo Shirts with printed name.
– Thank You Bags
– Pricing Gun
– Security Steel Cash Drop Box (keeps cash and checks secure)


– All Indoor Signage
– Grand Opening Kit
-Aisle Sign
– Bill Detector Pens

– Business Cards with Customized store information

– Store Flyers with Customized store information

– 3 Style Candy machine
– File Cabinets for Balloon organization -In some cases Image may not match actual product.

– Balloon Numbers for display

– Pipe, Regulator, Valve for Balloon tanks

– Balloon Ribbon Dispenser


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