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The Internet abounds with dollar store franchise services. If you are considering getting into the dollar store franchise game, you’ll find all the resources you need online. You may be in the market for a single dollar store franchise service that will assist you with every step of your store’s creation, or you may be in the market for “a la carte” services that can help you with different, specialized aspects of opening and running a store as is the case with Buckstore.

Before you decide upon a dollar store franchise service or services, consider a few important factors. First, ask yourself the simple question, “What’s in it for them?” Every business has to make money somehow, so every dollar store franchise service is looking out for its own best interest. Your job is to make sure the service’s interests and your own business interests are one and the same.

At Dollar Store Merchandise and Buckstore Inc which is , we make the bulk of our money by supplying inexpensive merchandise to successful dollar stores over the long term. Believe it or not, this business model is anomalous in the world of dollar stores. Most dollar store services have absolutely no interest or investment in your store’s long-term success. They only care about your store’s opening. That’s because most dollar store franchise services make the bulk of their money assisting clients with store openings.

What type of service do you want working for you? A service with a vested interest in your store’s long-term success, or a service which only cares about the few days surrounding your store’s opening? At Dollar Store Merchandise, we think the choice is clear. To learn more,, or call us toll free at 877-549-5210.

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