Starting A Dollar Store

Starting a dollar store takes more than just startup money, know how, and temerity–it also takes lots and lots of inventory. Dollar stores are abundant places, ideally filled with a treasure trove of varied goods. Finding a reliable source of high-caliber, low-cost inventory is one of the most important steps you’ll need to take before your dollar store can thrive. Whether you are opening your first dollar store or your fifteenth, Dollar Store Merchandise can help.

We regularly supply both new dollar stores and dollar stores which have been around for some time. This makes us rather unique in the industry. Many dollar store suppliers who specialize in store openings are only invested in your store’s opening days. When you forge a relationship with Dollar Store Merchandise, on the other hand, you are forging a relationship that is meant to last.

This informs the way we help clients open their stores. We don’t succeed unless your store succeeds. We are not after the quick buck of your opening; we’re after the continuous business which can only be fueled by your continuous success. We believe this business model makes us a more trustworthy, hardworking, and committed business partner than those developers merely interested in your opening.

Through our parent company, Buckstore, Inc., we have helped to open thousands of dollar stores. Currently, we supply more than 3,500 dollar stores throughout the United States and the world. To learn more, call us toll free at 877-549-5210, or visit us at

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    The task of ordering this much inventory can be overwhelming for a first time retail business owner.

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