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What will you need to start a dollar store of your own? In addition to a location (rented, leased, or owned), point of sale equipment, staff, and decor (like shelving), you’ll need lots and lots of inventory. Dollar stores do best when they are packed with inventory. If your shelves are threadbare or spotty, you are doing a disservice to both yourself and your customers.

Customers don’t like to see shelves that are thinly filled. Half-empty shelves are quite simply depressing. They create an atmosphere of want, rather than an atmosphere of abundance. To start a dollar store the right way, you’ll want to pack the shelves with so much inventory that it creates a sense of plenty, like a Christmas tree laden with gifts, or a produce store brimming over with colorful fruits and veggies.

Of course, stocking your shelves full is more than just a matter of impression; it’s also a matter of commerce. As the old retail adage goes, you can’t sell what you don’t have. If your shelves are thinly packed, you will lose opportunity after opportunity to make sales.

Dollar Store Merchandise and our parent company, Buckstore, Inc. are uniquely qualified to help you start a dollar store. Dollar Store Merchandise has more than 60,000 different dollar store items in more than 40 categories. Our merchandise is high-quality, low-cost, and made to move. Buckstore, Inc. is a leading dollar store developer, which has helped stores in the United States, South America, and abroad to open and flourish. To learn more, visit or

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