Full POS* Package

Our POS system will help your Dollar Store increase sales with better product selection, Control your inventory, Track sales, customers, and HOT items, and Much More…

  • 1-2-3 Check-out.
  • A month of technical support FREE.
  • FREE Shipping.
  • Pre configured / Pre loaded software.
  • POS is Ready to go!
  • Merchant account with no setup fees.
  • Pre loaded Dollar Store Inventory.

Take inventory, create a pick list, create a purchase order and much more…

This POS System is geared toward the retail business and specially designed for the Dollar Store Industry. Take care of Sales, Inventory, Customers, Employees, and much more with this Turn Key Solution. This Investment will help your business grow by allowing you to take control of reorders, inventory, costs, and all other aspects of your business.

It is a proven fact that Point of Sale Systems can help lower the risk of small retail business failure. Did you know that only 38% of small businesses remain open after five years (Small Business Administration, 2012) We want to help you avoid being part of the negative statistic because we believe in the small business community and believe that we, as small businesses, are they key to financial recovery and are a critical component to a strong national economy. We want to provide small retailers with the same opportunities that large retailers have in achieving sustainability by using information systems to make better business decisions.

Most organizations selling technology sell it as a solution. We understand that technology, and point of sale systems, are a business tool that has the potential of increasing efficiency, increasing competitiveness, and lowering costs. However, to achieve these benefits, the right combination of knowledge, business processes, and resources have to align and be available. In addition to providing technology, we also offer a wealth of knowledge. With our systems, you have access to Retail Management Support. While other organizations provide you with technical support, we can offer you much more than simply answering questions on how to operate a computer. We can guide you through aspects of inventory management and replenishment strategies. We own retail stores so we understand the importance of these concepts.

Bill Gates once stated, “The first file of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” What we want to do is to show you how to align you current business processes with your retail technology to create completive advantages and successful outcomes!

With us, you are purchasing directly from the developer. We have integrated all hardware and software to work seamlessly so that you can focus on your store. We have had this product on the market for 13 years and own the trademarks for our products.

When you deal with Inventek™ Software you are not only dealing with a down to earth, honest, respectful, and responsible family business, but you are also dealing with the actual people who have developed the software products that we offer and perform the services that we provide. You are not dealing with an intermediary or reseller. We can provide honest, accurate answers as well as precise insight. We do not need to consult a manual or read from a script. You are getting real answers, fast. Our staff is not comprised of pretentious techies! Instead, we speak your language and understand the retail business as well as point of sale technology.


  • Computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and necessary cables. Although the computer specs may differ based on availability, the minimum characteristics are 500GB HD, 2GB RAM, DVD RW, 64-bit machines, and a 19” LCD Monitor.
  • Windows 7.
  • MS 9530 Honeywell LASER Barcode Scanner.
  • THERMAL USB Printer.
  • VFD USB Pole Display
  • Version 2 Electronic Cash Drawer
  • Inventek™ Point of Sale Software
  • Training
  • Inventek Quick Start Guide and Inventek User’s Manual
  • Shipping IS included in the price (UPS Ground Continental United States)
  • Technical Support (varies on package chosen)
  • Warranty (varies on package chosen)


  • 1. Our Point of Sale System is EASY TO USE. How so? Read on… We have developed everything from the concept of WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. Our system is so simply that cashiers are ready to start selling in LESS than 15 minutes of training!
  • 2. Our average technical support resolution time is LESS THAN 5 MINUTES.
  • 3. WE ARE ALSO STORE OWNERS. This is important because WE UNDERSTAND your needs and can anticipate problems before they happen. WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE.
  • 4. Our personnel have an AVERAGE of 11 year of EXPERIENCE in retail and Point of Sale technology.
  • 5. Our personnel are HIGHLY EDUCATED with Masters and Doctoral degrees in their area of EXPERTISE.
  • 6. OUR SYSTEM IS FAST, processing transaction in less than 2 seconds!
  • 7. Our systems ship preconfigured and ready to use!
  • 8. We offer FREE training! Not just in software, but in retail processes!
  • 10. Our system is fully SCALABLE, allowing our product to GROW as your BUSINESS GROWS!

We are not just a technology company. Our organization also provides consulting services which are included with the technology we provide. Included with our technical support are consulting, training, and assistance that can help you with inventory rotation needs, employee management, reporting analysis, and business assessments.

WE ARE UNIQUE BECAUSE we do more than just sell POS Systems. We are invested in helping your organization grow and prosper after the sale is complete. We accompany your organization throughout the life of your business and look forward to establishing a LIFELONG BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP.

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