One Dollar Items

Customers love shopping for one dollar items. As they fill their shopping carts or baskets with one dollar goodies, they can track exactly how much they’re going to owe at checkout. They don’t have to waste time looking at price tags or worrying whether or not a certain item is worth its five dollar or 10 dollar price tag. At dollar stores, all items are equal, and shopping is as easy as choosing which items you want or need.

This creates a very relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for customers. They feel that no matter what they are buying, whether it’s a necessity like light bulbs or a luxury like perfume, they are getting a bargain. Many customers will stop into your store for no other reason than to enjoy the fun of getting five items for five dollars. In a world where a cup of coffee costs three dollars and a sandwich costs as much as 10 dollars, the prospect of leaving a store with a full shopping bag for less than five dollars total is an appealing one.

The truth is, there’s a market for your dollar store, no matter where it’s located. The secret is to appeal to that market with the kinds of items your customers really like. You can’t sell junk and succeed in this business.

Dollar Store Merchandise sells lots of items that are priced very low (empowering you to earn profits that are very high), but we never sell junk. We sell inventory that moves. To learn more, call us toll free at 877-549-5210, or visit us at

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