All Items Under A Dollar

“All items under a dollar.” For shoppers who love a good bargain, no phrase could be more exciting! Dollar stores have always been an important part of the retail landscape, in one form or another. In the 1950s and 60s, they were known as “five and dimes” or “five and ten cent stores.” Today, they’re known as dollar stores, 99 cent stores–occasionally, they’re even called 98 cent or$1.25 stores.

When customers reads “All items are under a dollar,” they are naturally drawn into a store. Even if they walk away with only a single item, like a travel toothbrush or a bottle of glass cleaner, they are walking away with a bargain.The secret to owning a successful dollar store is to offer customers so many types of high-quality items that your store becomes a place they regularly shop,rather than a place they merely pop into on a whim if they happen to be shopping at a store nearby.

The secret of dollar store success is to become indispensable. Not only must you provide every type of item a customer could buy at a drugstore, grocery, or department store, but you must supply those “in between” items that customers might not be able to find anywhere else.

In other words, consistent variety is just as important as great value.Customers will come to you not only because they want to buy in expensive housewares or jewelry, but because your store is the only place they know they can find motor oil, jewelry polisher, scissors, and party balloons under a single roof. You are saving customers a lot more than just money; you are saving them time and energy.

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