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Whether you own a single dollar store franchise or several dozen stores, general merchandise should account for about a third of your dollar store inventory. General merchandise sold by Dollar Store Merchandise includes everything from children’s toys to hardware, key chains to flashlights. If you are opening a new dollar store, we’ll be happy to help you create a list of items you’ll want in stock for your grand opening.

The grand opening of any retail store is a significant moment for the store’s owner, but it’s particularly important–and challenging–for the owner of a dollar store. The owner of, say, a clothing boutique will only have to stock her store with a few hundred clothing items in about a dozen different categories to prepare for a grand opening. The owner of a dollar store, in contrast, has to stock his shelves with thousands upon thousands of items in dozens of different product categories.

The task of ordering this much inventory can be overwhelming for a first-time retail business owner. Dollar Store Merchandise and our parent company, Buckstore, Inc., can help you successfully face the challenge of stocking your dollar store for its opening. Buckstore, Inc. is one of the most important and recognized names in dollar store development. Its subsidiary, Dollar Store Merchandise, is a leading name in dollar store general merchandise, consumables, health and beauty items, and so on.

Unlike many businesses that help dollar store owners with store openings, we are invested in your store’s long-term success. Many dollar store developers and product warehouses only care about your store’s opening, since that is the time when they make the vast majority of their earnings. In contrast, Dollar Store Merchandise makes the bulk of our earnings from your continual and long-term success.

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    The task of ordering this much inventory can be overwhelming for a first time retail business owner.

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