Dollar Store Dropship Items

By selling dollar store dropship items, Dollar Store Merchandise provides a convenient way for dollar store owners to buy tens of thousands of merchandise items in a single place. We work with myriad manufacturers so that you don’t have to. Why spend your precious time collecting and reading product catalogs for every type of merchandise category you’ll need to fill your store? Imagine the time you would waste merely filling out the dozens or even hundreds of order forms each manufacturer would require.

Dollar Store Merchandise provides a single, reliable place to buy everything you’ll need to stock your dollar store. We even sell imports directly from China. These imports aren’t a great option for store owners who only own one or two dollar stores, but they’re an amazing resource for large volume customers.

To find out if direct imports from China are right for you, call Dollar Store Merchandise customer service at 877-549-5210. Our customer service representatives are exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. Our years of experience have made us a terrific resource for information, as well as merchandise.

We’ll be happy to speak with you about which types of merchandise would work best in your dollar store or stores. Every demographic requires a different combination of merchandise products. We have the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction; with our advice, you’ll order the best possible inventory categories for your dollar stores.

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    The task of ordering this much inventory can be overwhelming for a first time retail business owner.

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