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While the weak economic climate of recent years may have initially driven shoppers to “try” small format value retailers, leading players in the channel are extending their appeal to multiple consumer segments. According to Retail Forward’s ShopperScape consumer survey, over one-third (36%) of all US households regularly shop the format on a monthly basis. Once a haven for low-income households, dollar stores hold growing appeal for moderate and upper-income households, older consumers, and ethnic groups. Easy access with more stores in suburban and urban locations, improved assortment quality, bargain prices, and the treasure trove atmosphere contribute to the overall success of the dollar store concept.

Dollar stores and other small format value retailers have sustained solid financial performance in recent years, while many other retailing formats have struggled. However, sustaining performance in the years to come might prove challenging. Retail Forward expects that as the store base becomes larger and units mature, same store sales will be harder to achieve.

The growing number of dollar stores brings more intense competition, more market share battles, and more vying for consumer attention. Dollar stores are expected to continue adding more food and other household essentials to their merchandise offer. In turn, more traditional food, drug, and mass players will look to exploit dollar store popularity by launching their own versions of the dollar concept. As a result, Retail Forward expects that the lines of demarcation between retail channels will blur even further in the years ahead.

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