Dollar Store Jewelry

Dollar store jewelry makes a fantastic gift, whether the customer is shopping for her daughter, her best friend–or herself! Dollar store jewelry is a must-have item for your dollar store, whether your store is located in the country or the city; the richest neighborhood in town or the poorest. Whether you own or manage a single dollar store or a dozen franchises, you’ll want access to pretty, inexpensive dollar store jewelry.

Dollar Store Merchandise is a leading source of these must-have items. We sell more than 60,000 dollar store items in more than 40 different product categories. Look for dollar store jewelry in product categories like “Jewelry and Hair Accessories.”

Rhinestones, pearls, silver, gold, and even stones–Dollar Store Merchandise sells it all. Many of the dollar store items we sell are tasteful and simple, like tiny pearl earrings, gold tennis bracelets, birthstone rings and charms, and more. Other dollar store jewelry items available through Dollar Store Merchandise are flirty and fun. We sell large hoop earrings, terrific rhinestone pins, funky necklace charms, and more.

Be sure to stock up on seasonal jewelry items, as well as jewelry items for special groups. If your demographic includes middle-aged women, be sure to have lots or red and purple jewelry on hand. The Red Hat Society is a cultural phenomenon; its members are always in the market for red and purple clothing, pins, charms, hats, and so on. For dollar store jewelry suggestions, call us toll free at 877-549-5210.

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