For foreigners who wish to establish a Dollar Store in the USA, our legal advisors will assist you in obtaining information for L1 Visas, which, if you qualify, will enable you to set up your business in the city of your choice in the USA.

The L-1 Intra-company transferee visa allows executives, managers, and employees with specialized skills to transfer from the foreign company to a US office. Subsidiary, or affiliated company to perform temporary services.

The immigration Service usually decides petitions in 30-60 days. L-1 visas are granted initially for 1 to three years with extensions available in two-year increments, with a total stay not to exceed seven years. The intra-company transferee is allowed to work for the U.S. subsidiary or affiliate company.

The spouse and children under 21 are allowed to accompany the L-1 visa holder during the period of the transferee status.

We will then help you in every step of setting you up with your store and assist you in the transition to life in the USA.

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