Dollar Store Franchising

The key to successful dollar store franchising is knowing how to run multiple stores at once. Fortunately, the responsibility of stocking several dollar stores or even dozens of dollar stores creates some unique opportunities. The more stores you have to run, the greater the volume of bulk orders you are able to buy. Not every dollar store owner has cause to buy thousands of scented candles or greeting cards, but owners of multiple dollar store franchises do.

These successful folks can save a great deal of money by ordering merchandise in high volumes. At Dollar Store Merchandise and Buckstore Inc., we cater to every type of dollar store owner, from the intrepid soul in the process of opening her very first dollar store, to the entrepreneur with decades of experience and dozens of franchises to his credit. Whether you own one store, 10 stores, or 100 stores, we have special deals designed just for you.

For instance, Dollar Store Merchandise is one of the rare dollar store franchising services that sells inner cases. Most merchandise suppliers sell only master cases. An example: a typical supplier will sell you a minimum of, say, 48 walking canes (a single case consisting of four boxes, containing 12 walking canes apiece) but they will not sell you an inner case (a single box consisting of just 12 canes).

Dollar Store Merchandise is very unusual, because we will sell the inner case of just 12 canes. We want our customers to have all the flexibility they need. On the other hand, for our customers who own dozens of franchises and consequently order in large volumes only.

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