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Franchises provide a opportunity for business people, allowing them to own a piece of a business that is already a proven success. If you own a dollar store franchise, you’ll have the good fortune of capitalizing on an existing name that is already known and trusted by many. However, you’ll want to make sure your particular dollar store franchise is well run and well stocked, from the very first day it opens. Also, Dollar Store Franchises are more expensive than doing an Independent Dollar Store as is the case with Buckstore.

The power of your store’s good name and reputation only extends so far. Owning a recognizable franchise will draw customers to you a first time, but only great customer service, exceptional prices, and terrific merchandise will keep these customers coming back for more.

Dollar Store Merchandise is a leading resource for those entrepreneurs who own dollar store franchises, as well as those entrepreneurs who own only a single dollar store. Whether you’re in charge of one dollar store or 100 dollar stores, Dollar Store Merchandise has exactly the merchandise you need, located in one convenient, reliable, and well-known place.

For our customers who own many stores, we proudly suggest our Chinese imports. These imports, direct from China, are perfect for owners or managers in charge of stocking numerous stores. The minimum orders are too high for folks who only own a store or two, but they are ideal for owners of multiple Dollar Store franchises. To learn more about the amazing savings these Chinese imports provide, visit, or call us toll free at 877-549-5210.

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