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The most successful dollar stores carry the widest possible variety of items. A really good dollar store should sell everything from auto accessories to children’s party items to bath and beauty products. By studying our 40 plus categories list, you’ll be given a blue print for dollar store success. At Dollar Store Merchandise, we are constantly adding new dollar items, but we always sell them within the same framework of 40 plus categories.

Greeting cards; kitchenware; seasonal items; pet products; reading glasses–these are just five of the categories of customer needs we believe every dollar store should be able to meet. Customers may pop into your dollar store just to kill time, or buy one particular item they need right away. However, once they discover that your store carries practically everything they need, they’ll purchase many more items than they may have originally intended.

More importantly, they’ll also become loyal customers. They’ll make a point of stopping into your store whenever they’re nearby. If your store is really well stocked, they’ll drive out of their way to visit your dollar store, just as they might drive out of their way to shop at a grocery store or department store.

If your dollar store is too small to stock with every category of product listed on our Dollar Store Merchandise website, please call us to discuss which types of products are most important for your store’s particular location and customer demographic. Plenty of children’s toys and baby items may be the cornerstone of success in one store location, while pocket knives and fishing items might be better sellers in another. To talk to us about which products are most vital to your store’s success, call us toll free at (877) 549-5210.

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