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Opening your first dollar store is a challenge. Before you open your store, you may not have a single item of merchandise to sell. You may have no existing relationships with dollar store suppliers or developers. You might not even own any cash registers, POS machines, or decor for dollar stores.

Many different development and supply companies will be eager to help you open your dollar store. If you need to find decor for dollar stores, including signs, shelving, bins, and lighting, or if you need to stock your store with a variety of merchandise, you’ll find thousands of companies eager for your business. Unfortunately, very few of these companies are interested in helping you in the long term.

Because they make their money helping you open a store–rather than helping you maintain a store–they have no interest in your store’s long-term success. In fact, these companies may actually benefit from your dollar store closing soon after it opens! If your store fails, another dollar store may come along to take its place, and they’ll have another chance to make huge profits helping a business open its doors.

Dollar Store Merchandise and its parent company, Buckstore, Inc., work in a totally different way. Buckstore, Inc. is one of the most highly respected and important names in the dollar store industry. As a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, Buckstore, Inc. is also known for reliability, strong values, and spotless ethics. Buckstore, Inc. can help you in every phase of your development, from choosing the right location to designing it with the best decor to filling it with the finest merchandise. To learn more, read more here at

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