Buckstore versus the competition

Buckstore, Inc. offers the most complete turnkey solutions at the lowest prices in the industry.

(Graphic comparing us to developers a and b in Nevada and developer c in Arkansas.)

  Buckstore Nevada Arkansas California
Sq. Ft. Developer # 1 Developer # 2 Developer # 3 Developer # 4
1,000 $49,900.00 $59,900.00 $51,900.00 $65,000.00
1,500 $69,900.00 $81,900.00 $55,900.00 $104,900.00
2,000 $79,900.00 $91,900.00 $81,900.00 $129,900.00
2,500 $89,900.00 $103,900.00 N/A N/A
3,000 $99,900.00 $111,900.00 $101,900.00 $149,900.00
3,500 $109,900.00 $121,900.00 N/A N/A
4,000 $119,900.00 $131,900.00 $125,900.00 $169,900.00
4,500 $128,900.00 $140,900.00 N/A N/A
5,000 $135,900.00 $150,900.00 $150,900.00 $205,900.00
5,500 $142,900.00 $158,900.00 N/A N/A
6,000 $149,900.00 $167,900.00 $175,900.00 $235,900.00
6,500 $153,900.00 $176,900.00 N/A N/A
7,000 $173,900.00 $185,900.00 $200,900.00 $259,900.00
7,500 $181,900.00 $193,900.00 N/A N/A
8,000 $185,900.00 $201,900.00 $225,900.00 $279,900.00
8,500 $197,900.00 $210,900.00 N/A N/A
9,000 $206,900.00 $218,900.00 $250,900.00 $309,900.00
9,500 $215,900.00 N/A N/A N/A
10,000 $219,900.00 $231,900.00 $275,900.00 $335,900.00

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Why should I choose Buckstore Dollar Stores ?? and what are the key differences with other dollar store companies ???

  • WE ARE THE LOWEST PRICED DOLLAR STORE COMPANY IN THE COUNTRY, we are 100% customer oriented and we have the most complete packages for equipment and merchandise for your store.
  • Buckstore Inc has the best track record in the country and has been awarded A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a Dunn and Bradstreet registered company having helped open thousands of dollar stores and dollar plus stores throughout the USA and overseas.
  • We act quick and if you do not have a location, we will help you find one with our own commercial real estate network. If you have a location picked out, we will analyze it and give you our opinión.
  • If you need Financing, we provide the Tools to help you get funded by the SBA, Bank, or lending institution with a complete Business Plan, Sales Projections, and Feasability reports.
  • We are the only dollar store company that helps new customers “a la carte” regardless if they have or do not have most of the dollar store components. “If you don’t need it you don’t buy it” and we still help you !! We supply everything you need for a dollar store of 1,000 to 20,000 square feet . We’ll offer you the package or items that best fits your budget ALWAYS.
  • Buckstore Dollar Stores is NOT a Franchise but our professional services give you the quality and full aspects of a Franchise at a fraction of the cost. You are the owner 100%, and you have the full liberty (before purchasing anything) of choosing, selecting, and comparing all the products, fixtures, equipment, and items that will compose your store.
  • WE ARE AVAILABLE FOR YOU “for life”. Unlike other dollar store developers who want to make money with your setup and disappear, our Customer Service is personalized and available always Toll Free at 1-877-549-5210 and we also respond by email requests immediately. Our objective is to always stay in touch to improve your Business every day of the year. Unlike other companies, WE NEED YOU TO MAKE IT !!
  • WE HAVE THE LARGEST BUYING AND DOLLAR STORE SUPPLY NETWORK OF MERCHANDISE WAREHOUSES IN THE COUNTRY. After mailing you all dollar store merchandise catalogs with pictures and prices, our merchandise team will guide you step by step on how to select the best merchandise that fits your demographics and “freight friendly” area. A DIRECT LINK to every major warehouse is created automatically for you and over 75,000 products are available for you at all times from more than 42 warehouses in the country. Also, we inform you of EVERY Major Dollar Store Trade Show in the country so you can attend personally anytime you want with badges and travel arrangement information.
  • We are the only company in the industry to include in our packages a state of the art POS (Point of Sale) Inventory System with the Cash registers and Security Surveillance systems.
  • Our design teams make every layout with the finest of details without leaving any margin for error and you get a copy to keep. This is vital in determining positions for Checkout Counters, Gondola Shelving Aisles, Slat wall and Hook setup, product specific displays, and all the fixtures necessary for the store. Our objective is to have the store look sharp, modern, clean, and at the same time, maximize full use of your space.  
  • ON SITE, our Team and specifically CREW Captains will train you and assist you at all times and explain to you how to handle day to day operations, purchases, stocking, and every aspect involved in owning and operating a Dollar store. Unlike other companies, our crew captains are Dollar Store owners themselves.

Our compromise with our clients in the entire process from start to finish and after the store opens. This is what mainly distinguishes us from the competition. We want the store to do well and we will always continue assisting you.

 For exact itemized list go to our COSTS Section click here »

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