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As the owner or manager of a dollar store, how do you keep your stores stocked with high-quality, low-cost items? Some owners believe that multiple relationships with 99 cent store suppliers is a must. These owners may use one supplier for their bath and beauty needs, another supplier for their housewares, a third supplier for their inventory of cleaning supplies, and so on. They may juggle closeouts with imports, and imports with American merchandise.

However, maintaining relationships with multiple 99 cent store suppliers is very likely not the best way to do business. Smart entrepreneurs soon discover that it’s better to have just one relationship with one great supplier than to have many relationships with a host of mediocre suppliers. Dollar Store Merchandise is one of the best-known 99 cent store suppliers in the United States today, and with good reason.

Through Dollar Store Merchandise, you can fulfill all your 99 cent store inventory needs quickly, simply, and with the utmost convenience. At Dollar Store Merchandise, we do the work for you. Rather than chasing after great bargains yourself, Dollar Store Merchandise can do all the “chasing” for you. You can count on us to consistently provide the best range of 99 cent store items at the best possible price.

Just a $1.00, Kellers Connection, King Dollar, #1 Real Deal, and Krazy $$$ Plus Dollar Store–these are just a few of the more than 3,500 dollar stores we supply. Visit www.DollarStoreMerchandise.com to see the incredible inventory of items which distinguishes us as the premier supplier of 99 cent stores in the country.

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