99 Cent Items

99 cent stores, more often known as dollar stores, are popular in every economic area, in every city and town, in every state in the union. As we, the owners of Dollar Store Merchandise, can tell you, 99 cent stores and 99 cent items are even popular in South America, Australia and Asia. In the UK, dollar stores are called “pound shops.” In Spain, customers visit “Todo a 100” stores for inexpensive items.

For dollar store owners and managers, keeping stores stocked with quality 99 cent items is a never-ending challenge. Customers demand great variety and even high quality from these 99 cent items. Customers are looking for great bargains, which means owners and managers must have access to a constant flow of high-quality inventory from reliable suppliers.

Dollar Store Merchandise, located on the Internet at www.DollarStoreMerchandise.com, is an exceptional supplier of “99 cent items.” We sell a wide variety of items for well under a dollar. This allows you to satisfy your choosy customers while still bringing in a healthy profit for yourselves.

The types of 99 cent items you’ll want to stock your store with depends largely on your store’s location and the demographics of your average customers. If you own a chain of dollar stores, chances are each of your stores will attract a different customer base. One store may attract young families while another attracts retirees. To find the very best 99 cent items for all your customers’ needs, visit www.DollarStoreMerchandise.com

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