** Dollar Plus Store concept with 123 pricing

At Buckstore Inc, we have created the 123 Dollar Store Concept with pricing in the store at the 1,2,3 dollar price points. When a customer walks in they can browse through the aisles with a ton of items for one dollar (roughly about 70%) of the store and also have the ability to purchase a good amount of items at more than what they see at a dollar tree store. This store model also gives the owner the ability to push up his sales numbers and obtain a higher markup on the dollar plus marked items. The concept works best in high rent areas where the store owner needs to make a higher markup. Items include Licensed items, larger toys, bigger kitchenware, and small electronics. The idea is not to become a dollar general type store but to offer the customer a vast assortment of items upto 3 dollars retail price point. Locations are now nationwide including California and Florida which were the first USA States to implement this model.

En Buckstore Inc, hemos creado el concepto de 123 dollar store en 2002. Esto permite que el cliente tenga la opcion de comprar todo a dolar (al menos 70% de la tienda) y al mismo tiempo tener la opcion de mejores productos en empaques mas grandes. Este modelo de 1,2,3 dollar permite que el dueno de la tienda tambien tenga mayor margen en sus productos y que el numero de ventas por dia sea aun mayor. Los tipos de productos incluyen electronicos, jugueteria, y productos con marca de licencia como Disney. Desde el 2002 hemos abierto tiendas 123 dolar en el Caribe, latinoamerica, y en los Estados Unidos en los estados de California y la Florida (Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville) y seguimos en todo el territorio norteamericano.

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